Being Great Is…


By: Coach Jonathan Massey


Were you expecting something more profound than that? Well hear me out and maybe I’ll change your mind.

The number one problem that you face, that we all face, is distraction. And I’m not talking about girlfriends/boyfriends, friends/family, or school/jobs. What I am talking about is that we think we got X figured out so we move on to something else. In theory, that should be how it works, but as Coach Wolforth likes to say, “You will never ever have IT, you can only keep working IT.”

Here’s an example… Player X has Forearm Flyout, works at it for a few weeks, and makes progress on it. He thinks he’s got it figured out and moves on to his next issue. The problem is if he doesn’t continue to work on Forearm Flyout, what are the chances that it will slowly creep back in? The answer is 100%!

Simon Sinek had a great analogy for this, “If you brushed your teeth for 8 hours once a week, how good is your dental hygiene? Not very, obviously. Yet, if you simply brush teeth for 2 minutes twice a day, you will have exceptional dental hygiene.”

We often think that we will have this ‘ah-ha moment’ where it all comes together. I’m sorry to tell you that’s not how it works. Greatness lies in the continual repetition of your process, even when you think you have it.

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