Be Like Fire

By Flint Wallace – 


I was watching a YouTube video a week or so ago from Brian Kight (tbriankight). In the video, he is talking about a certain mindset for when you are going through, or are about to go through, something difficult.


Feed on your obstacles like fire.



He talks about how fire doesn’t just devour or destroy whatever is in its path… fire surrounds the obstacle. It embraces it. It does not get overwhelmed by the thing in its path. Instead, it is the one that does the overwhelming.


Fire can’t grow or advance without using the obstacles in its way for fuel. It has to have the obstacles to keep ablaze. And so do you!


Obstacles should not be feared. Challenges should not be resented. They may be difficult, grueling, and laborious, but they do not have to be your undoing or downfall.


Challenges and obstacles should be viewed as your opportunity to build yourself up; to accelerate your way forward. They should be seen as fuel for growth, not roadblocks or dead ends that halt your advancement.


So be like fire and consume the obstacles in your way. Use them to fuel your growth!


Until Next Time… Keep Getting After It!


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