Are You All In?

By: Jonathan Massey


October being right around the corner means that the down time between our summer schedule and fall schedule is officially coming to an end. Here’s a peek at our upcoming schedule:


  • Oct 1st-2nd Youth Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
  • Oct 10th-12th Alumni/Advanced Pitcher’s Boot Camp
  • Oct 13th-16th TZ Academy Camp in California
  • Oct 26th-Nov 7th Camp in Italy
  • Nov 11th-13th Fastball USA Camp in Chicago
  • Nov 19th-21st Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
  • Dec 8th– 11th Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp
  • Dec 17th-19th Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
  • Dec 27th-29th Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp
  • Jan 4th– 8th ABCA in Anaheim, California
  • Jan 13th-15th Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp


PLUS running the Monday through Thursday night Velocity and Command Enhancement Classes at the Ranch during the week as well!


My point is not for you to feel sorry for me or think that I’m complaining about it. In fact, I feel very blessed to work for a company that gives me the opportunity to travel to places like Chicago, California, and Italy.


I often get asked how we handle having what seems like a grueling schedule. I can’t speak for the other coaches, but for me it’s actually quite easy.


Being the best pitching coach I can be is what I am passionate about and, at the time, it is the only thing I can envision myself doing for the rest of my life. Being the best pitching coach I can be is what I am ALL IN on. So if that means I have to give up a few of my weekends or work till 9:30 at night some days, then so be it.


One of my pet peeves is a player telling me he is 100% committed to becoming the best pitcher he can be, and then receiving a text message or an email a few weeks into the program stating that he can’t fit the program into his day because of XYZ commitment. To me, this guy is not truly all in on becoming the best pitcher he can be.


Say what you want, but if a player is truly committed to becoming the best, if he is all in, then he’ll find a way to get the program in; even if it means passing up on watching television, hanging out with friends, or whatever other nonessential activity.


Of course I would love to have my weekends to go hang out with friends or do whatever I please, or get off work at 5 pm like most of my friends, but if that means having to fore-go an opportunity to work on my craft as a coach, then I’ll pass. As Coach Jill has told me many times, “Do what you have to, so that you can do what you want to.”


However, you can’t be all in on everything; there simply isn’t enough time in the day. So pick the 1 or 2 things that matter the most to you, and be all in on those things. If that includes being a great pitcher, then that is awesome. If it doesn’t, then that is okay too. The world needs world class doctors, engineers, etc. Be ALL IN on whatever matters most to you.


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