A Letter from Dad

By Ron Wolforth –




Jill and I are so very proud of you. I know somewhere your mother is looking down and smiling and saying, ‘You go girl!”


Now that you have graduated with honors from college and have passed yet another phase in your life with flying colors it is time we had…not  another one of those father/ daughter talks…but instead a teacher / student talk….about the world of business.


I know….I know….JOY…Rapture!


It is the talk I wish someone would have had with me when I was 22 years old.


Your future is obviously exceptionally bright indeed.  Your professional reputation at Papadeaux’s and the Papa’s restaurant chain is also exceptional. You’ve worked hard to go from a To-Go-Girl to an assistant manager at the ripe old age of 22.


So far so good.


The next 3 years will be crucial in your career. Either you will be on the fast track…or you will be on the regular track everybody else gets on. It’s called the slow trudge. Stay off that ride if you can.


Keys to the fast track.


#1. Attitude WAY above Aptitude. It’s FAR more important how you behave and interact than what you know. And what you need to know…almost always can be learned…with the RIGHT attitude.


Jim Rohn…a well known business consultant who works with dozens of Fortune 500 companies…is fond of saying…”Flipping burgers at McDonalds they will pay you X amount per hour. If you simply flip burgers while whistling and with joy…they will pay you X + .


Why? Because EVERY ONE would rather be around a cheerful person than a non cheerful one. We would also like to KEEP cheerful people…therefore we pay them more…advance them faster…promote them higher etc. Also most managers understand how important the chemistry or culture is to that team. Therefore they desperately want THAT type of person on their team.


They obviously have far too many of the other.


Now that you too have been a manager…you know what I’m telling you is the truth.


But what you may miss is that to continue to go up the company chart…this remains the single most important issue…even when you become President or CEO of the Company.


Don’t miss this! Remind yourself of it EVERY day!


And MOST importantly…on the days you don’t feel particularly cheery- and there will be many…and we ALL have them….Fake it until you make it.


#2. Be Uncompromising in Your Core Beliefs.


Never Lie. Ever. Even for your boss or for a superior.  If asked to do so resign.


Never Cheat. Or Fix the books… If asked to do so resign.


Never take anything that doesn’t belong to you…and that includes credit for something good.


Never choose to take a road you know is wrong.


Never do anything you would be embarrassed that I, Jill, your mother in Heaven, your Nanna or your Father in Heaven would find out that you did.


Never throw someone under the bus just to save yourself or a superior. If asked to do so resign.


Always remember the story of Sir Thomas More who was executed by Henry VIII because he wouldn’t compromise on a relatively simple matter of divorce.  Stand for something.  Be willing to accept the slings and arrows of contemporary moral relativism. Samantha…our culture today is sick, weak and confused. People like Thomas More are rare indeed. Even more so today. Aspire to be like him. If you do…you will be amazed at…in the long run…how you are respected and admired simply because you are a woman for all seasons…one they can count on .



#3. Be Above Gossip and Petty Office Politics.


Some are drawn to gossip and rumor like a moth to a flame. And most will almost always get burnt.


There is a simple way to avoid this. Just say NO!


When asked to participate or be included….EXCLUDE yourself.


Memorize this line. It will serve you well.


‘While what you say very well may be true…I don’t know…but count me out of this conversation.  I know I wouldn’t appreciate others saying those types of things about me…and I’m going to give them the same respect I only hope they would afford me…furthermore…such talk certainly doesn’t make me any better, stronger, smarter or more valuable.  We all have flaws. They are not hard to find. Lord knows I have mine. The key in my opinion is to maximize my gifts and blessings and work on my shortcomings. So please count me out of any future conversations like this. Thanks.’  Look them directly in the eye…Pat them on the shoulder to show that you are not angry…just respectful…And walk away.


 You won’t have to offer it very often before everyone knows you are not a gossip and you do not talk behind the back of others.


You will gain the trust and respect of many and will reduce the gossip by those who love it under your


#4. Be The Best worker in the Place…no one even close.


When you come to work. Bring you’re ‘A’ game. Go the extra mile. Get after it. Work with a smile on your face and your hair on fire. Do whatever you do …even the smallest of activities with the passion Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.


Your goal is to have other people routinely say what others say about Jill.


‘Wow…Does she ever get after it! She’s a grinder! Does she EVER slow down?


Stick out!


Lead by example.




When teaching someone under you…say…’Follow me…stay close to me and do what I do.” That is leadership.


#5.  If you go to management with a problem…have a solution.  Otherwise it looks like you are simply complaining. No one likes a whiner. If you can solve a problem without involving your superior…do it. Simply know the limits and restrictions of your role. Don’t arrogantly over step your position but then again don’t wait for somebody to do something you could have handled yourself within your role on the management team.  Higher ups look for assertive decision makers.


#6.  Be in constant search of a better way…how to improve the quality of the clients experience…and build the profit margin of your company…and improve the working culture of its employees.


#7.  Be VERY slow to take offense and fast to offer a sincere apology when you are wrong. And you will be wrong often.


 Be almost impossible to offend. There is no future in an easily offended…easily frustrate able manager.


And the more you do…the more you will be wrong.  Don’t sweat it. Messing up is part of the process. Learn from your mistakes, apologize sincerely to the person or people you need to and move on. Remember if you want to steal second…you must first leave the safety of first base. ‘Doing’ always involves risk. That is what is called growth. Failure is almost never fatal and Success is almost never final.


A ship is safest in the harbor…but that is not what ships are made for.


#8. Remember at the end of the day…you will have your relationship with your Lord…your family…your health and your professional reputation. All the rest is just details.


#9. Read this often…before you go to bed each night…and upon rising in the morning. When you can memorize it word for word…it will have become part of you.


#10. Remember…no matter what you do or where you go….I love you Sweetie.  If you ever need a hug or a kick in the rear…Im here. All I can promise is Ill try to give you the right one…a hug or a lift in the fanny….Lord knows I messed that up before too.


I love you.




 – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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