212°- The Extra Degree

By: Flint Wallace



The other day, I came across a book that I had read a few years ago. It is a very easy read, but the lessons are extremely valuable. Many of you may have read or heard of it, the book is “212° The Extra Degree” by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson. The premise of the book is based on the analogy that at 211 degrees, water is very hot. At 212 degrees, it boils, and with boiling water, comes steam, and steam can power a train. So, raising the temperature by one degree is the difference between something being very hot, and something that generates enough force to power a massive machine.


This is a great and simple metaphor that you can use to feed all of your endeavors. It can help you consistently push to make the extra effort in all your tasks. It reminds you that even small things can make a huge difference. 211 degrees can serve a purpose, but success in any endeavor requires effort. And by applying one extra degree of heat (effort) to the activity or task you are doing, then not only will you achieve the primary objective, but you will achieve the exponential rewards that are possible.


Make 212° the target for everything you do! You may not always be able to hit that boiling point, but that does not mean you shouldn’t attempt to reach it. This is not just about taking action, it is about taking action with a commitment to achieve exponential results. Sometimes that extra effort will reap immediate dramatic outcomes, and other times those results are realized much further down the road. But no matter how long it takes, that one extra push often gets you 5, 10, or even 100 times more results than you were originally trying to obtain.


So, remember the 212° concept is about commitment, not just desire. It is about taking additional action. It is also about persistence and applying extra effort. It is about understanding that small things can make huge differences. It is about actionable focus. This is your life and you are responsible for your results, so turn up the heat and commit to operate at 212° in everything you do.



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