Why I Could Care Less About Harry & Meghan

By Coach Ron Wolforth-


About a year ago Jill & I decided to cancel our cable. I had come to the rather painful realization that out of the hundreds of options we had, there weren’t even 10 we were interested in watching on a regular basis.


Like many people I love movies, but HBO and Showtime were becoming more junk and counterculture than entertainment, restoration enjoyment and inspiration…and… in fact I don’t miss them at all.


I obviously love sports, but ESPN and many other sports options were interjecting political opinions and commentary seemingly almost every 5 minutes or so. What any athlete or coach has to say about the current political issues of the day is truly of zero interest to me. Frankly I find it extremely arrogant and self-absorbed.


The news channels have become so polarizing and opinion driven that straight news reporting without slant, agenda or inference almost doesn’t exist anymore.


And then there’s “Reality Television”: Pawn Stars, Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives, Toddlers and Tiaras, Hell’s Kitchen, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Bachelor/The Bachelorette just to mention a few of the biggies, where we’ve known for some time that these shows are constantly guided, edited, tweaked and manipulated for effect and drama.


Young people 10-18 years of age watching all of these shows are, in my view at least, getting the exact opposite of ‘reality’. Nearly everything in these shows is hyped, contorted, magnified, exploited and shaped. Very little is authentic, genuine, natural and unfiltered.


So with all this nonsense and noise constantly in front of our naive, inexperienced, developing, young adults, already raging with hormones, doubts, confusions, insecurities and life seemingly moving at the speed of light in front of them, how do we expect them to be sound, reasonable, measured and effective communicators and decision makers?


How’s that supposed to work exactly? Looks to me like our young people today are being dealt a really crappy hand.


On top of all this drama, they are often being pushed, pulled and twisted by their peers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat etc. Their every move and misstep are being recorded and/or filmed.


It’s amazing to me that anyone makes it through the current gauntlet of cultural land mines. Coach Wallace has often said he feels absolutely Blessed that cell phone cameras were not around in his youth otherwise his life would have turned out much differently. I whole heartedly agree.


That’s exactly why we have the term ‘youthful indiscretion’…young people innately do silly and stupid things. We all do. 100% of us. That is one way we learn, grow and acculturate into the larger tribe. Yet today if your timing of your ‘youthful indiscretion’ is unfortunate or uniquely visible, one can certainly pay an exceptionally high price for an otherwise benign act of poor judgement or foolishness.


In our Extended Stay Summer Development Program, our daily mindsets are a concerted effort to counter act and counterbalance some of the lunacy our young people face on a daily basis. Our goals are simple:


To Give These Young Athletes Exactly What I Needed When I Was Their Age

  • A perspectivethat is BOTH wider and deeper
  • A healthy sense of proportion
  • A vision…to paint a picture of the possible
  • And many, many stories of success, failure and the overcoming of obstacles along their path


So, let’s circle back to the young British Royals, Harry and Meghan. I have nothing personally against the British Royal family or the centuries old traditions that is England. I simply have never given anyone extra credit for who their mother or father were. I truthfully do not care.  I judge you on your own merit and upon your own actions, choices and behavior. Period. I don’t give you a bonus because your grandmother was the Queen of England and I don’t downgrade you because you were born out of wedlock to a poor single mom in the projects.


Almost my whole life, in some way, I have championed the cause against the ‘genetic freak or favor’ phenomena. I have an absolute distain for it.


Literally if Harry and Meghan were holding a press conference next door, I wouldn’t even look out my window to catch a glimpse of the two. My family will confirm my complete disinterest in anything conjured up purely from pretense, influence or pomp and circumstance.


The world is absolutely chocked full of such tripe and it appears to be getting more so every day.


Please don’t misinterpret my message. We all have our distractions. Three of mine include World War II history, Neurophysiology and travel. I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t pay attention to or that you are somehow a bad person if you pay attention to the supposed juicy drama that is occurring with the Royal family, or the Kardashians or Jen, Brad and Angela for that matter…I am saying that we must never lose our grounding on what is real, authentic and truly important.


Unfortunately, today, sorting that out for our young people has become more and more difficult.


Until next time,

Stay curious and keep fighting the good fight.


– – – – – – – – –


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