Who Made THAT Rule?

We just finished up our summer program and have only one Elite Pitchers Boot Camp remaining for the summer.  With everything coming to an end, I’ve looked back, thought about what all has taken place and what really stood out to me from the past three months.

I’m often pulled to the mindset components and one constant message Coach Wolforth shared throughout the hot, humid, Houston summer was “Who made THAT rule?”  It really is an inspiring message and I’m going to do my best to bring it to you on paper.

Take a look at the following picture of young soccer player, Gabriel Munoz.  Do you see anything missing?

The answer obviously is his feet.  He only has stubs.  If you hadn’t seen the picture and I asked you if someone without feet could run or actually play soccer, most people would say “No”.  Well, he does and at a competitive level in Brazil.  If you know anything about Brazilian soccer, you know it’s pretty good.  So, while most people would say “No, you can’t play soccer without feet” our response is “Who Made THAT Rule?”

What about this young man, Liu Wei?  As you can see, he plays the piano with his feet.

He lost his arms in an accident as a young boy.  He had a desire to play the piano but it would have to be with his feet since he had lost his arms.  Piano teacher after piano teacher turned him down saying “You can’t play the piano with your feet.  It was made for being played with your hands.”  He basically said “Who made THAT rule?” and taught himself to play the piano with his feet.  He became so good he won the China’s Got Talentcompetition.  You can see his performance at on YouTube athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1Qut0Nrsiw or go to YouTube and search “Play piano with feet”.

I’ve got many other examples but here’s a final one for you.  I think most people would say someone would have to be out of their mind to think they could shoot a bow without any arms.  Even if they managed somehow to do it, they could not possible be good enough to compete in the Olympics.  “Who made THAT rule?”  Certainly not Matt Stutzman.

He not only competed in the Olympics, he won a silver medal.  If you’d like to read a neat story about Matt and the strong message his adopted parents instilled in him, go to:  http://www.worldarchery.org/OLYMPICS/OlympicsHome/News/TabId/2268/ArtMID/2652/ArticleID/356.aspx

To me, these are three very inspiring stories.  I don’t know about you but they give me a quick reality check when I start to have any doubts about something I’m doing or finding difficult to do.

If you want a great book that illustrates a person who epitomized the breaking of the “this can’t be done or it’s never been done before” paradigms, I highly recommend you read Fearless. It’s extremely powerful.

So, I ask you, what roadblocks are you letting stand in your way?  Have you let someone, somewhere tell you it couldn’t be done?  They often mean well and are good people but you need to stop, step back and ask yourself “Who made THAT rule”.  Then figure out what is you want to do or get done and get after it!

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