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Before you decide to invest, consider this.

The Ranch is far more intense than anything most pitchers have ever experienced. The Ranch isn’t a nanny.

We won’t force anything upon the athlete.

If you – or your son - have the dedication and the desire to become an unstoppable pitcher, than my Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp will supply you with the knowledge and the training you need to reach any pitching goal.

We are completely different from the traditional or conventional and we make no excuses or apologies for our uniqueness.

We believe God is great and through his, absolutely anything is possible.

There is no place on Earth more optimistic and positive with regards to developing the throwing athlete than the Texas Baseball Ranch and Pitching Central.


The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp Brings Together the Best Coaches to Inspire Your Absolute Best.

At each Elite Pitchers Boot Camp, I always bring together a very select group of talented and knowledgeable coaches to help with the training and help ensure YOU get the hands-on support you need…

And every year, I am highly selective about who I ask to join me in coaching the Elite Pitchers Boot camp.

I only want coaches who have a deep understanding of the ranch systems, coaches who understand that training is about the individual… coaches who KNOW how to get results and sincerely believe players can go to the next level vs. simply judging who can and can’t. mental, more powerful pitcher.

Tina Starks

“WE have done a lot of camps and clinics over the years and I feel my son is leaving with more knowledge in three days than we have gotten in three years, it is a direct reflection on the coaches at this camp"

Corey Popham

“My eyes were opened to a totally different and more efficient way to approach pitching.”

William Newton

“Get ready to change the way you think and pitch. Come with an open mind and be willing to try everything.”
Package Price $2,499.00

What You Get For Your Money

  • 3 DAYS at the Ranch
  • Personalised Durathro™ Assessment Audit
  • Personal Durathro™ Video Analysis
  • Personalised Durathro™ training Log
  • FREE 30 Day Access to Durathro™ Silver Level Online Training

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*This training is delivered online and these are non representative images of physical material.

Current Dates and Availabilities
Upcoming Boot Camps Spots Remaining
ELITE PITCHERS (Ages 12 & up)
Aug 31- Sept 2, 2019 (Sat-Mon) (Call to be placed on the wait list) SOLD OUT
November 23-25, 2019 (Sat-Mon) 2
December 27-29, 2019 (Fri-Sun) 12
January 18-20, 2020 (Sat-Mon) (MLK Weekend) 20


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Just because today wasn’t the right time for you to come and join us at the ranch doesn’t mean we can’t still help you. I made a DVD about the Ranch that as a qualified player, I want you to have. Just add or confirm your shipping details and one day I’ll see you here at the Ranch in person.