I am learning, reaching, failing and seeking, because...

...I’m a Teacher. Period

The Texas Baseball Ranch Coaching Model

I wholeheartedly believe in every coach’s innate ability to take this information, sort through it and apply the specific pieces that they need in the best way that currently assists their kids and their program.

This is not some stuffy elitist model of a ‘guru’ on top of a mountain preaching down to the naive and unsophisticated, telling them exactly what to think and what to do a 3:05pm. In fact it is exactly the opposite. This model is about sharing. It is about common sense and having better options and alternatives.!

1The Biggest Needs Our Athletes Work To Overcome

Coach Wolforth with students
  • Awareness of their Constraints
  • Management of their Frustration

  • Maintaining Motivation and Application

  • Unrealistic Expectations of their Parents
  • Knowing WHAT to Adjust and WHEN

We’re really on a mission to help Coaches stop using critique designed to pass the buck which really only means “Hey Man, It’s not MY fault - it’s YOUR fault”
Baseball player
The Championship Game

I have personally watched championship coaches like Bob Greco from Omaha Westside HS in Nebraska, Gary Hatch from Sehome HS in Bellingham Washington and Rick Lynch from Concordia Lutheran HS in Tomball Texas take the exact same information and apply it differently...and brilliantly...and fit the specific needs of their teams.

And win...and transform their players. 

These men are now close personal friends. We were brought together by a common goal which is to help as many kids as possible maximize their God given abilities.

The College Game

The college game is absolutely no different. For an example, Ken Knutson of Arizona State, Derek Johnson while at Vanderbilt, Fred Corral at Georgia, Wes Johnson at Dallas Baptist and Bob Keller of South Alabama all apply the information differently...to fit their specific players and their specific needs.

This is what the Durathro™ program is all about.



Giving coaches and athletes information they can apply.

Baseball player
Can you relate to these challenges, because if you can you are not alone.

Some of the things Durathro For Coaches delivers

  • How to teach velocity
  • How to teach the use of legs and hips
  • How to solve my nagging elbow and/or shoulder issues
  • How to overcome inconsistency
  • How to install confidence
  • How to teach technique - like breaking ball or off speed pitches
  • How to teach control and command

It is about asking better questions and uncovering possible constraints or limitations your athletes or your training might have.

I can show you how to change the dynamic of your own problem in just 21 days of following a proven system that gets guys picked in the Draft.

Awareness in Itself is Curative!

Our Durathro System gives you the awareness of NOW because you cannot possibly changeto the preferred if you do not know where you are now


2The System To Get More Velociy

Our system is like a series of nine interconnected cogs because tuning up and turning even one area produces massive leverage, while turning them all together produces the best results.

The solutions and the answers provided helps you to solve your athletes biggest constraints, and therefore taking you to the next level with support from the rich resources of 125 video based training available to athletes as a member of the Texas Baseball Ranch Membership Program - It’s FREE for your athletes to join, and there is a private Coaches Only area for you.

Blue membership screenshot
9 Cogs To The
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9

3How To Execute Your Plan To Change Your Game!

1. You must START with the Pain

The Durathro System has a series of Audits, which are locked away inside the Members Area, but here’s an example of a few questions

Pain Audit

The Pain Audit is a series of questions asked and recorded by Coach, and the answers will inform his design of your personal program to manage, mitigate and monitor your specific arm pain

Mindset Audit

The Mindset Audit is a set of challenging questions to stretch your mind and measure your strength and limitations relating to the way you think about your performance.

Performance Audit

This audit is designed to measure your range of motion, flexibility, mobility, strength and stability.

The Answers to removing your biggest constraint start with our assessment of the information you provide. It informs everything else in your Plan.


4Your Invitation

First, you are ALWAYS welcome at the Ranch.

Trust me: seeing is believing. Their is nothing like the ‘Ranch’. It is a special place and you have a lifetime invitation to visit.

So Come and visit. FOR FREE

For members of the Coaches Only Membership Plan there is never a fee for observing. They can observe any Elite Pitchers Boot Camp or training session that they wish.

Take notes.....

Ask questions......

Hundreds of Coaches, college, high school and travel, have visited the Ranch since 2006. Simply let the office know when you’ll be on our property and we’ll have a welcome notebook waiting for you.

Texas Baseball Ranch Availability
Dates Availability
July 23-25 (Fri-Sun) SOLD OUT
August 6-8 (Fri-Sun) SOLD OUT
September 4-6 (Sat-Mon) Labor Day Weekend - Call the office to be placed on our waitlist SOLD OUT
October 9-11 (Sat-Mon) Columbus Day Weekend AVAILABLE
November 20-22 (Sat-Mon) AVAILABLE
December 28-30 (Tues-Thurs) AVAILABLE
January 15-17 (Sat-Mon) MLK Weekend AVAILABLE


Every second weekend in December we hold the world’s best 3 day clinic for pitching coaches. We call it the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp.

It is a game changer. Every year it is three full days of nothing but pitching.

Three days of the best and the brightest dissecting pitching performance from so many different angles: Strength, conditioning, mobility/flexibility, injury reduction, velocity enhancement, command , strategy, deception, recovery etc.



100% of our attending Bootcamp Athletes Get the Gold Level to take home


Want the Best Available Coaching Resource in the Country today? We got that covered!

Want to Review Your Training Plan while on the Park instantly you spot a problem?

Want to Watch on your Phone, Computer, Tablet? You can do that too.

You don’t need a TV or DVD player!

The Durathro™ System is accessible anywhere there’s a wifi connection and any available device you can lay your hands on. !


Athletes can join for free as BLUE members and get a feel for the free training while they decide what’s right for them, with restricted access

ATHLETES that join the paid membership club get instant access to the program and can choose their level of involvement, investment and budget.!

Which means we can track and follow YOUR ATHLETES progression FOR you as a virtual backup office. !


If you can’t get all your athletes to The Ranch, we can bring The Ranch to You

You can have Flint Wallace bring the Durathro™ system directly to your school. Flint is a former pitcher in the Oakland A’s organization and former pitcher at TCU. Flint is also a former HS Coach at Weatherford HS in Texas, former Director of Baseball Operations at TCU and former pitching Coach at Weatherford CC.

As you can see Flint has done it all. He’s pitched at the professional level. He’s coached at the high school, junior college and DI level.

The Astros, Cardinals and Mets have all recognized Flint’s value and each has offered him jobs in their organizations since 2012.

Flint has assisted me in nearly 100 camps and clinics over the years and in May of 2014, we made it official.

Flint is now Director of Baseball Operations at the Texas Baseball Ranch. Very few people on the planet know the Durathro™ System better than Flint Wallace. He has earned his stripes.

Coach Wallace working

But more importantly he understands YOUR universe...whether that be a travel ball team, an academy, a high school coach, a junior college coach or a DI coach. Flint has been in your universe.