The single most important thing for Parents... to truly understand Development

1Moms v Dads

Almost all Moms we meet have a universal desire for their kids to be happy - and by handing over their trust to us are mostly expecting some benefits to the wider process of raising their happy child. Moms pay attention to the mental and emotional aspects of the developing game. !

Dads of course want that too - but the Dads we meet also have a big focus on their kid being successful. Dads are into technique, statistics, velocity and are all about the performance.

The Problem with some Baseball Parents
  • Looking for that One ‘Silver Bullet’
  • Forgetting that Competitive Sport is Fun
  • Overvaluing their Kids Talents
  • Trying to manufacture their Kids ability
  • Trashing their Kids self worth
  • Parents are usually just not aware of the impact and role they play in the whole process of developing their athletic star in both areas of growth - improving performance, and improving character.

The Number One Solution We Provide To Parents of Ranch Athletes is an
Understand Development.
If you want to understand something you need to measure it.

By making your Child Aware - that alone in itself is usually cures or contributes to resolving the biggest constraint holding them back. Then and only then, as a Parent , can you help them to Adjust. We’ve got the Player - but you’ve got the Boy.

Ron Wolforth’s genius is not in his deep knowledge and understanding of pitching (though profound). It abides in his willingness and ability to take a very complex physiological process & communicate it to anyone who is motivated to learn. This is non-existent in baseball today and is testimony to his love of the game, but more importantly, his passion for helping others. He shares his incredible gift with infectious joy... We have found a hidden treasure and it resides in Montgomery, Texas.

Jim Davidson, Father of Elite Pitcher, Holland, PA
Strength and Conditioning
  • It is a fact of life that velocity is coveted and that fact is 
never going to go away.
  • Pay close attention to growth spurts; it is during these spurts when your athlete is at a greater risk of injury.
  • Pay very close attention to complaints of pain, discomfort, 
 tenderness, tightness, even simple fatigue. These are signals from the body for attention.
  • Do not simply disregard these signs as a common by-product of the activity. Reject the “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to arm pain.
  • The kids MOST at risk are the harder throwers.
  • The kids MOST at risk are the ones that pitch year round and/or who pitch in both a league and on weekend tournaments.
Parents and athletes used to have only one choice to make

Stay safe and be passed over by other athletes willing to risk injury


Risk injury themselves

Not Any More. PARENTS can be better informed.

Awareness in Itself is Curative!

2The System To Get More Velocity

Our system is like a series of nine interconnected cogs because tuning up and turning even one area produces massive leverage, while turning them all together produces the best results.

The solutions and the answers provided helps you to solve your athletes biggest constraints, and therefore taking you to the next level with support from the rich resources of 125 video based training available to athletes as a member of the Texas Baseball Ranch Membership Program - It’s FREE for y!our athletes to join, and there is a private Coaches Only area for you.

9 Cogs To The
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9

3We Execute A Plan To Change Your Athlete

Starting with a series of Audits for Everyone Attending The Ranch

The Durathro System has a series of Audits, which are locked away inside the Members Area, but here’s an example of a few questions:

Pain Audit

The Pain Audit is a series of questions asked and recorded by Coach, and the answers will inform his design of your personal program to manage, mitigate and monitor your specific arm pain

Mindset Audit

The Mindset Audit is a set of challenging questions to stretch your mind and measure your strength and limitations relating to the way you think about your performance.

Performance Audit

This audit is designed to measure your range of motion, flexibility, mobility, strength and stability.

The Answers to removing your biggest constraint start with our assessment of the information you provide. It informs everything else in your Plan.



100% of our attending Bootcamp Athletes Get the Gold Level to take home


Want the Best Available Coaching Resource in the Country today? We got that covered!

Want to Review Your Training Plan while on the Park instantly you spot a problem?

Want to Watch on your Phone, Computer, Tablet? You can do that too.

You don’t need a TV or DVD player

The Durathro™ System is accessible anywhere there’s a wifi connection and any available device you can lay your hands on

Athletes can join for free as BLUE members and get a feel for the free training while they decide what’s right for them, with restricted access

ATHLETES that join the paid membership club get instant access to the program and can choose their level of involvement, investment and budget

Which means we can track and follow YOUR ATHLETES progression FOR you as a virtual backup office.