Summer Is Here and It’s a Special Time at The Ranch

By Isaiah Trevino – 


This week marks the first week of our Summer Program for 2024 here at the Texas Baseball Ranch®. The Summer Program is a very special time for many young athletes, including myself at one point when I was still playing baseball. The great thing about the Summer Program is you’re not only training for baseball, but you are also learning many lessons that you will be able to take far beyond the game. With mindsets in the morning and afternoon, it’s really hard to walk away from the Summer Program and not have learned a ton about the sport (specifically pitching) and life itself. 


The Summer Program was the first thing I came to as an athlete, so I know how these new athletes feel when stepping onto The Ranch for the first time. The atmosphere is second to none in terms of a training environment. The relationships you build are something you may not have even thought of prior to coming here, and the memories and lessons stick with you forever. Here in the Summer Program, you really learn about the grind, and you also build more of a work ethic than you came into it with. 


While it can seem long (and often grueling when you’re going through the days consecutively), you’re not only getting better at the game, but you’re also building something that will last you longer than it. Each summer that I’ve been here has had a different feel to it. All in good ways, just a different type of “vibe.” This is always dependent on the kind of athletes we have coming in, the interns we may have for the summer, or the type of headspace I am in during the program. No matter what, a Summer Program at the Texas Baseball Ranch® is always a busy time… but it’s also a great time to learn and build a true work ethic. 


We see all types of athletes come into the Summer Program, but no one athlete is treated less than another. You can dream as big as your work ethic allows (and your work ethic will definitely be greater when you drive out of the Texas Baseball Ranch® at the end of the summer). 


We’re looking forward to the 2024 Summer Program at the Texas Baseball Ranch® and hope you’ll be able to join us soon!


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Important TBR Updates


  • Interested in our “Summer Intensive Development Program”?   Join us for 2-11 weeks this summer.  For more information on this one of a kind Summer Training experience and for a registration form, CLICK HERE.


  • Dates for our 2024 3-Day Elite Pitchers Bootcamps can be found on our website.  Spots are filling up fast so don’t delay!  For more information on these 3-Day events or to registerCLICK HERE.


  • Would you like to experience both the EPBC and Summer Program?  We’ve got you covered. Attend one of our 3-Day Elite Pitchers Bootcamps and Add-On one week of our Summer Program immediately after for a total stay of seven days.  Call for the details (936) 588-6762 and special savings.


  • Have you been considering attending one of our 3-Day Elite Pitchers Bootcamp but haven’t yet pulled the trigger? To help, we have a detailed mailing package entitled “What Makes This Boot Camp Different”. If you’d like to receive this package and start making plans for the summer, email and request a copy.









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