By Samantha Parrish-


With only 11 days until the New Year ‘resolution season’ is quickly upon us, this is the time of year when we begin to dream and plan for our actions next year. However, we can’t forget to look back and reflect on the blessings, achievements, and setbacks that occurred in 2018.


When players first arrive at The Ranch, we give them a series of assessments and Coach Wolforth tells them the following:


“If I were to blindfold you, drop you off in the middle of a city, and tell you to make your way back here, what is the first question you would ask? It should be ‘Where am I?’. You see gentlemen, we can’t put together a plan of where we are going until we first know where we are.”


We have to know where we are currently to know where we are going. I know at the Ranch we talk a lot about setting goals, looking forward and pressing on; those are important but how can you set goals if you haven’t evaluated where you are on your previous goals? When we reflect on our past year, it gives us an opportunity to be grateful, to see where growth has occurred and find out what worked for us. Growth isn’t always able to be pinpointed, there isn’t always a number on the radar gun to show us we’ve improved. Often it’s a gradual change that happens over time, only visible when we look at a large amount of days.


After my reflection time, I like to set an intention for the next year. I also have concrete goals that I set for myself but start with a word or phase that I would like to embody, and check in with that intention throughout the year.


I thought I would share with you a part of my reflection of 2018:


For me, 2018 was a chance to slow down a bit and look at life around me. Without having any major life changes of my own (a first for a while), I was able to see the Lord’s plan at work.


I have seen my daughters grow and caught glimpses of the wonderful girls they are turning into. I was able to start spending more time with them individually and I need to continue to help them grow their traits that are unique to them.


This year is the most my husband has ever travelled- going on many trips lasting the entire week.  Through those times I was able to see my own strength to keep everything running in his absence.  With that, I have also had to acknowledge that I can’t do everything, I have to let go of some less important things to focus on ‘the main thing’. 


I started CrossFit on 12/15/17 so I just completed a full year, but it quickly became something I really love to do! I love the mindset of pushing through when your body wants to stop, of showing yourself you are stronger than you think. Not to mention the ability to measure your progress in an attempt to be better than I was yesterday. This has also led to many great conversations with my kids about perseverance and how your starting point is just a starting point. They have been able to witness me achieve some short-term goals and come up short on some others (for now).


I have faced some internal struggles this year, narrowing my focus and acknowledging that I can’t do it all is a tough realization. It isn’t easy to let go of things and I am a bit hard on myself when I don’t ‘do it all’. This leads me to my intention.


My intention for 2019 is ‘Grace’. Grace is given freely to me from God and I’d like to extend that Grace to myself and to others. A part of giving myself Grace means knowing that progress isn’t perfect, sometimes good enough is enough.


I hope you all can find things to be grateful for from last year as well as areas of your life where you can continue to push and grow.


Make 2019 great!


– – – – – – – – – –


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