Pressure is a Privilege

By Jonathan Massey-


This past week, Gerrit Cole signed the richest contract ever for a pitcher and set a record for the highest Average Annual Value for an MLB player.


During the press conference, Cole was asked about dealing with the pressure of pitching in New York. His response, “Pressure is a privilege”, was one of the best responses I’ve ever heard to that question. He went on to elaborate, “We can say that a game in October is the same as a game in May… but we both know that it isn’t. But at the same time, you’ve earned that pressure of playing in October by performing well through the course of the season.”


Pressure is unavoidable; we all have to deal with it in our lives. Whether it is from a sport, from school, work, or something else, you simply cannot go through life without experiencing pressure in some form or fashion. I have to say, I love Gerrit’s mindset. Instead of trying to avoid it or downplay the pressure, he flips the whole thing on its head. His words say, “I’ve earned this pressure by being who I am and by performing up until this point.”


So next time you are feeling the pressure of school or baseball or pitching in a big game, remind yourself that you’ve earned this pressure… It’s a privilege.


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