Persistence Is a Superpower

By Jonathan Massey – 


The other day, during a rainstorm, my wife and I were scrolling through different movies, looking for something to watch. After much debate, we finally settled on the movie “A Million Miles Away,” and boy, was I glad we chose that movie. 


I’m a sucker for a story about overcoming an obstacle, as I believe we can never hear the message “you can achieve anything you set your mind to” nearly enough. (I am an even bigger sucker if that story is based on a true story.) 


“A Million Miles Awaydepicts the true story of Jose Hernandez and his challenges in becoming an astronaut. I won’t spoil the story for those who want to check it out, but his application was turned down eleven times before he was finally accepted into the space program. 


Nobody likes rejection, yet each time, Jose took it in stride. Each time, he went back to work on things he could do to improve his application. He learned how to fly to put himself with Navy pilots who were applying, and he trained for and ran many marathons to show that he was physically fit. 


I’ve written many times about my journey to throwing a baseball 90mph, and I am often asked what it took. Well, there’s a line in the movie that I think summarizes what it takes pretty elegantly: “Persistence is a superpower.” At the end of the day, it took two things for me to achieve my goal of throwing a baseball 90mph… Persistence in the face of adversity and an incredibly accurate view of what I needed to work on. 


When I first started at the Ranch, I needed a mindset shift. Simply trying to throw the ball as hard as I could led to a big jump in velocity. Then, I needed to become more athletic… Then, more efficient with my movement pattern… And so on and so forth. Did I secretly hope each time I came up with a new plan that it was the key to me breaking through the 90mph barrier? Of course, I did! That’s human nature. But that’s also where persistence comes in. As the Chinese proverb says, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” 


So, if you are looking for a movie to watch this weekend, I couldn’t recommend “A Million Miles Away” more. As you go down this journey of becoming the best player you can be, remember to have an accurate view of what you need to work on and that persistence is a superpower. 


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