Motivational Mission Statement

By Flint Wallace

Two weekends ago, Coach Massey, Coach Kadey, and I went to Lafayette, LA for a “Ranch on the Road” camp.  We had a great time, the campers worked extremely hard and the hospitality was fabulous.  While presenting one of Coach Wolforth’s offerings called “Who Wrote That Rule?”, I was reminded once again that the real reason someone succeeds at something is that he has a big Why.  As Coach Wolforth is fond of saying, “If you have a big enough Why, then the How will become self-evident.”

So the challenge is for you to truly test your Why?   Why do you really want to succeed?  Identify the internal reasons, not just the money rewards.  Once you have figured out your Why, then may I suggest a couple of things to do to keep yourself motivated.  I believe we all need a consistent, daily reminder of our Why to truly keep us motivated.

Write down your Why.  List all the reasons you want to succeed.  That will become your Motivational Mission Statement.  Be totally honest with yourself. Make it stir up your emotions every time you read it.  This is for you and you alone and it should not be things that you think others want to hear.  If that’s what you write, it will never resonate with you.  Rather, you should put down the things that light a fire in your soul.  You can attach images to it as well if that will help you create a picture in your mind and a spark in your heart.

Next you should make a few copies of this Motivational Mission Statement and post it in strategic spots so that you will be exposed to it a few times each and every day.  Post it on your bathroom mirror or in your locker at school, or as your wallpaper on your phone.  Use it as a constant motivation to keep your Why alive and ablaze.  As  Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”  In this world of negativism, we all need daily motivation.  And what better motivation then your very own Motivational Mission Statement.

Now, if you need help with the How part of your Why, then I suggest one of our Elite Pitcher Boot Camps, or a membership in our Durathro System.  If you are a coach like myself and your Why is to help others with their Why, then I highly recommend attending our Ultimate Pitching Coaches’ Boot Camp.

Until next time, keep getting after it!



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