Many Times, the Way We View the Problem… IS the Problem

By Ron Wolforth-


We have the wrong perspective.

We go in the wrong direction.

We adopt the wrong model.

We make the wrong assumption.

We implement the wrong application.

We administer the wrong dosage.


Our lives are fraught with these obstacles and impediments.  Every human being, if they’ve been Blessed to live long enough, has experienced these failures in almost every single area of their lives at least once.  These challenges are constant.


We’ve faced them at school.

We’ve faced them in our profession.

We’ve faced them in our understanding of money and/or business.

We’ve faced them in our health.

We’ve faced them in our relationships.

We’ve experienced the pain of having an inaccurate perspective on something important.

We’ve experienced working diligently… but working in the wrong direction.

We’ve had the misfortune of operating under an inadequate model.

We’ve made incorrect assumptions.

We’ve poured ourselves into something that had little or no chance of working.

We’ve done way too much or not nearly enough.


We also have experienced the other side of the continuum.


We’ve experienceda how valuable a robust perspective is for the solution of a certain set of problems or issues.

We’ve experienced how useful it is to spend our energies on the precise areas that will bring us the greatest results.

We’ve witnessed the accelerated rewards and results of following a proven and time-tested model.

We can vouch for how important an accurate set of assumptions can be to the success of a process.

We’ve built just the right plan and, in the end, looked back in amazement at how productive and effective our work was.

We’ve also gotten our dosage just right and were astonished at how simple and effortless the results seem to pour in.


So what does this mean?


If the way we view the problem can in fact sometimes BE the problem… if there is something that is extremely important to us… I believe we MUST seek out people who are experts in this specific area.


Seek out people who can offer a better…fuller… more complete perspective.

Seek out people who can guide us to a more accurate and productive direction.

Seek out people who will share a proven model.

Seek out people who are aware of common, inaccurate and erroneous assumptions… especially those that SOUND good.

Seek out people who have an application that works both efficiently and effectively and isn’t just something that appears promising.

Seek out people who know the right dosage, who will keep you from dabbling and wasting your time or from exaggeration and going overboard.


Only YOU know the topics or issues that are that important to you.


There is an old saying… “To almost every problem… there already exists a solution that works.”  The key is to find the person or the group that has that solution.  The way we view the problem is indeed often the problem.  This is why we seek out experts.


It’s a process that will almost always be the difference between good and great.


The way we actually view the problem at hand is, in fact, one of the keys to its solution.


– – – – – – – – – –


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