Is More Always Better?

By Pierce Jones –


Baseball is a game that I often see many people always wanting more from. I would say, for the most part, I understand. You want more velocity, more command of your pitches, more strength/stamina, etc. While all of these can be great and very desired to want more of, there is one area that sticks out like a sore thumb that always rubs me the wrong way with guys wanting more…


The more pitches you have in your arsenal does NOT make you a better pitcher! In fact, for most young pitchers, it can inhibit and hold you back. Since having started working at The Ranch and specializing in Trackman and off-speed pitches, there have been countless times where I have encountered 12/13-year-olds that have five pitches. To this day, it continues to blow my mind every time. 


The problem isn’t necessarily the five pitches. The problem is knowing the difference between renting and owning those pitches. What I mean by that is, if you are “renting” a pitch, you are uncomfortable with throwing that pitch in a pressure situation. If your catcher gives you a sign from behind the plate for you to throw a certain pitch and you feel uncertain/nervous to throw it (and you often find yourself shaking him off), then you do not own that pitch. “Owning” a pitch is knowing that whatever your catcher puts down for you to throw, you will have the confidence to throw it. And not only throw it, but you should be comfortable throwing it with a 3-2 count, bases loaded, last inning, and the game on the line.


With that being said, let me share a story with you about one of our professional guys who trains with us. Throughout high school, he was not the most overpowering pitcher by any means. He utilized three pitches throughout his whole high school career. After he finished high school, he then attended a junior college where he continued to utilize those same three pitches. After attending junior college, he had the opportunity to pitch at a high-level division one school where he continued to dominate with just three pitches.


It wasn’t until after he was drafted and played a full season in the minor league system that his organization had talked to him about implementing a fourth pitch into his arsenal. This is truly a great example that showcases if you as a pitcher truly have the confidence and OWN your pitches and understand how those pitches work, you can become very successful. (No matter how many pitches you have or don’t have in your arsenal.) 


Oftentimes, many of us can get caught up and think that more is always better. Let that not be the case for you when going through pitch design and development this summer/fall. Don’t be afraid to take a step back and think, “Am I renting or owning here?”. 


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