How Do You Live Between the – (dash)?

By Jill Wolforth –


Recently I was going back through my journal looking at all the various notes and ideas I had gathered. 


This week’s Ranch Message isn’t about journaling, but I think a brief side note is fitting here.  Many years ago, the late Jim Rohn, a mentor of mine presented the importance of journaling saying, “The purpose of a journal is to keep the ideas you pick up and the information you meticulously gather.” And that message stuck with me.


So, as I was reading back through my journal, one particular note I made struck me and I wanted to share it this week.


It was this simple question…


How do I live between the – (dash)? 


In other words, how do I live my life from the time I’m born to the time I die.  For me, it would be 1967 – _____.  It’s an interesting and telling question, isn’t it?  As I’ve contemplated it, it made a little more sense to me to ask it as…


How do I live DURING the – (dash)?


Personally, it hits me that it should be a daily question I ask myself. 


We all have times when we don’t like the answer.  The key, in my opinion, is to have the number of times we like the answer far outweigh the time we don’t. 


So, how do we make that happen.  I believe it starts with asking and living by additional, deeper questions.  For me, some of them include:


Do I do unto others as I would have them do until me?

Do I really have an interest in knowing how someone is doing when I ask, “How are you?”

Do I live a life of gratitude even when things aren’t going well?

Do I take care of my health, physically and mentally?

Do I give regular, undivided attention to my loved ones?

Do I help those less fortunate than I am?

Do I find ways to mentor the next generation?

Do I tell our employees how grateful I am for them and the work they do?

Do I help provide an incredible experience for the families that visit us at The Ranch?

Do I walk my talk, or better yet, do I walk God’s talk?

Do I use my talents to their fullest?

Do I seek to understand before seeking to be understood?

Do I continue to grow and learn?


By no means is this a complete list but to me it’s a great start.  I believe that if I can answer these questions in the affirmative on a regular basis, I will definitely like the answer to how I lived during the – (dash).


What about you?  I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.  Please email them to me –



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Footnote: I wish I could give proper credit for the origination of the “How Do You Live Between the – (dash)”, but I didn’t have that information notated.  I believe it was from a church sermon.


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