Doing Extraordinary Things… Is Simply Doing Ordinary Things… Extraordinarily Well

By: Ron Wolforth



Our son gets very tired of a favorite Wolforth saying around the house which we assimilated into our family culture from watching the “Great Debaters”… it goes something like this… “Do what you NEED to do so you can then do what you WANT to do.”


One of Jill’s favorite financial advisors, Dave Ramsey, puts the same concept in his own vernacular… “Live like no one else so you can eventually live like no one else.”


Performance expert Jeff Olson describes it this way, “Success at the highest levels ALWAYS comes down to doing the small things that everybody COULD do… but almost everybody chooses not to do. We ALL are simply the accumulation of small disciplines (both positive and negative) repeated over time.”


Most of us would absolutely love to reap the benefits of a bestselling book, a nationally recognized business, sold out events, a stellar reputation, and raving fans.


But very, very few of us are willing to pay the daily price in terms of time, energy, effort, and attention to detail to obtain these ‘things’.


Let me give you an example of attention to detail.




Yes, chairs.


After each Boot Camp, the staff discusses whether or not we had the right number of them. Do we need more or less of them in the next camp?  Were they situated correctly? Were they too far away from the screen or too close to the screen?  Were they spaced too closely together or too far apart? Were they cleaned and stacked properly after the event?


We’ve performed over 200+ Boot Camps… yet the staff pours over the details of the best way to utilize the chairs, and make certain we are doing what needs to be done.


I will PROMISE you that starting weeks before the event… details are being relived, and systems rechecked and are always evolving.


The chairs are just one example of literally hundreds of details which make up an exceptional event.  I must tell you there is often obvious tension leading up to our events as all those involved work to make the event a world-class experience.  Quite frankly, there is often the gnashing of teeth and overt anxiety. Being world-class doesn’t happen by accident, and neither is excellence free nor easy.  We don’t expect it to be easy.  We don’t WANT it to be easy.  We don’t WISH it were easy.  We embrace the challenge of how difficult it is to put on a world-class event.


We improve EACH and EVERY camp.


We don’t HOPE we improve each camp.  Improvement isn’t even a goal.  We IMPROVE a minimum of .038% each camp. PERIOD… end of story.


Then in August… after 60+ days of ZERO days off… our family & staff go on a week cruise. Jill & I LOVE our cruises.


We do what we have to do… so we can do what we WANT to do.


We live like no other… so we can live like no other.


We work hard at doing the small disciplines, so that over time we can reap the benefit of the slight edge.


I encourage you to do the same.


Until next time, stay curious and keep fighting the good fight!



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