Clarity Breeds Certainty


By Flint Wallace-


Coach Wolforth and I have had a few conversations lately about how we have noticed that a lot of the guys just do not know who they are as a player.  Then I saw a tweet from Justin Su’a (@Justinsua) the other day that listed seven aspects a person should “know” about themselves that I think will help…



Know your why.  As Coach Wolforth is fond of saying, “If you know your ‘why’, the ‘how’ will become self-evident.”



Know your philosophy.  This is your convictions, your beliefs, your thoughts, your reasoning.



Know your strengths, the things you already do well.



Know your weaknesses, the things you need to improve on the most at the present time.



Know your plan, the detailed proposal of how you will go about achieving who you want to become.



Know how to execute your plan, your course of action.



Know how to respond to adversity.  When difficulties arise, and they will, be ready to resolve them, not react to them.


So… know who you are as a player.


Know your why.

Know your philosophy.

Know your strengths.

Know your weaknesses.

Know your plan.

Know how to execute your plan.

Know how to respond to adversity.


Clarity Breeds Certainty!



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