A Great Concept

By: Jill E. Wolforth


Our Durathro™ program has really taken off in the last year. I believe there are several contributing factors; 1) More and more people are hearing about it, talking about it and taking advantage of all it has to offer, 2) Coach Kadey was brought on as the full-time Membership Coordinator and has done a tremendous job preparing programs and giving the personal coaching that so many people need and want and 3) Durathro™ is a complete, holistic, hyper-personalized program which is really, really hard to find. Although listed third on the list, to me this actually is the most important reason. There are nine components or what we refer to as “Cogs” in the Durathro™ program. They include:

1. Wake-up / Warm-up
2. Arm Care & Recovery
3. Mobility & Flexibility
4. Strength & Stability
5. Conditioning / Recovery II
6. Personalized Throwing Program
7. Mindset
8. Nutrition / Sleep / Hydration / Recovery III
9. Integrity: Personal & Spiritual

To maximize performance, it’s important that athletes pay attention to, and develop in, each of the categories, not just one or two.

One of the harder areas to stay on top of, for many athletes, is the nutrition. It is extremely difficult with today’s busy schedules to effectively manage our diets. In addition, most of our young baseball players are not only growing, but training vigorously both on the field and in the weight room. Add to that a long season and it’s no wonder why it’s so difficult to keep their bodies working at maximal levels.

We are fortunate in our Durathro™ program that one of the contributing authors to the monthly newsletter, Pete Wilkening, speaks on the topic of nutrition each month.

We are also fortunate that because of what we do, others share various ideas and information that they think might be of interest to us. A few weeks ago I received information on what I think is a great concept.

It’s a company called “Graze”. They provide customized snack boxes with foods that are guaranteed not to have artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats or genetically engineered (GM) ingredients.


You are able to select from over 100 different snacks (thus the customization, which fits perfectly with The Ranch) and if you have specific diet restrictions, such as a gluten allergy, a simple click of a box removes those items from your menu options. In addition, you can distinguish between items that you’d like to try, items you like and items you love. And those can be adjusted week to week. That way, the longer you receive your snack boxes, the more often you get things you love.

Now that our son has gone off to college, I have very, very little influence on his diet and nutrition. However, with this product, I can at least help provide him some supplemental stuff that I feel good about and that he enjoys. It’s a win, win.

If you’ve got a high school player who travels on the bus to and from games, this is a great idea for either before or after the game (if they’re like my son’s high school team, they don’t always get food after the game). If you’re playing travel ball and have the long weekends at the ball park, this snack box beats the heck out of grabbing a candy bar at the concession stand.

At the Texas Baseball Ranch, we don’t give a recommendation for something unless we’ve tried it ourselves and the Wolforth’s get one Graze snack box each week delivered to our son at college and one delivered to us at the house. I have a feeling it may be two to the house soon as Coach and I seem to be fighting over who gets what.

I recommend you give it a try and I’ve got incentive for you to do so. As a customer, I’m provided with a promo code to make available to anyone who I recommend the product to, and that includes you. The promo code allow you to get your 1st & 5th Graze box FREE. If you’re evenly remotely interested, go check it out: www.graze.com. Enter the promo code JILLW65RB . Happy Snacking!

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