5 Simple Steps to Increase Pitching Performance During the Season

By Coach Ron Wolforth – 


If you are very familiar with the Texas Baseball Ranch® and/or have read any of my writings, you would almost certainly be surprised at my rather simplistic and “Instagram-ish” approach to this topic.


You might even say, “Wait a minute, this entry doesn’t even sound like Coach Wolforth. Are you sure he wasn’t abducted, taken to a nondescript building, and kept under house arrest? Let’s get a hold of Jill and ensure this is on the level!”.


But alas, yes, I have decided to break precedent and cover five very simple concepts that, if followed, can really benefit you during the season.


1. Improve Your Current Wake-up/Warm-up by JUST 10% 


A good day starts with an effective warm-up. Increasing the intensity or thoroughness of your training routine by just 10% can significantly boost your readiness for the day’s activities. This isn’t just about physical readiness; it’s about mental preparation as well. Whether dynamic stretches, light throwing, or mental visualization, enhancing your warm-up routine ensures your body and mind are primed for peak performance.


2. Dedicate Extra Time to Arm Care and Throw Prep


Before any training session or game, dedicating an additional 5-10 minutes to arm care can make a big difference. This time should be spent on exercises that enhance ankle, hip, and T-spine mobility, scapular stability, and overall arm health. Techniques might include bandwork, plyometrics, and specific drills that increase blood flow to the throwing muscles, thus reducing the risk of injury and enhancing throwing mechanics.


3. Commit to A Daily Post-Throwing Routine


Just as important as the warm-up, a post-throwing routine aids in recovery and prepares the body for the next day. Spending about 10 minutes on activities like throwing in the Durathro Sock, using the Weighted Forearm Sleeve, Shoulder Tube, Kettlebell carries, as well as light stretching, foam roller work, or relaxation exercises helps facilitate muscle recovery and decrease inflammation. This dedicated time can accelerate recovery and significantly reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries. 


4. Use Your Connection Tools “A Little, A Lot”


In Ranch methodology, “connection tools” refer to training aids that enhance the pitcher’s biomechanical efficiency through better “feel,” motor control, and coordination. The emphasis here is on consistent, frequent use of these tools rather than lengthy, sporadic sessions. This could include drills focusing on refining your mechanics, such as using the Durathro Sock, Weighted Forearm Sleeve, or Power Core 360 for immediate feedback. The idea is to make small, incremental improvements that accumulate over time.


5. Constantly Monitor Arm Health and Workload


Finally, vigilant monitoring of arm health and the overall training workload is crucial. This involves paying close attention to signs of fatigue and stress and adjusting your training load accordingly. Not every training day should be intense; varying the intensity and type of workouts can prevent burnout and promote long-term durability. Moreover, eliminating unnecessary stress—both physical and mental—can help maintain a high level of performance throughout the season.


By adopting these steps, pitchers can enhance their performance and sustain it over the course of a demanding season, all while staying true to the philosophies championed by the Texas Baseball Ranch®.


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