Act Different Than How You Feel

You worked really hard yesterday, pushing a little more, stressing the body a little extra.    You didn’t have a very good supper as you were running late and grabbed some fast food and it didn’t settle with you very well.  You stayed up late, too late because you wanted to see the end of the game and it went into extra innings.

Today you woke up, you’re tired due to the lack of sleep, your body is sore, your mind is a little cloudy, you move slow and lethargically and you’re cranky to others around you.  Have you ever been there?  We all have.

I actually dealt with a similar scenario earlier this week.  I was definitely a little off; it was too short a night’s sleep, I woke up with a bit of a headache, Garret was running behind getting ready for school and I was testy.  I struggled through the early part of the morning, getting a minimal amount of my day’s work done.

For some reason I made my way up to Garrett’s room and looking at his mirror of quotes there it was…

Act different

than how you


I smiled to myself and let out a small laugh thinking “Physician heal thyself”.

I wish I could say it was in immediate turnaround. It wasn’t.  It was a slow process but I continued to remind myself, “Act different than how you feel” and the day got progressively better.  The mind is truly amazing and can obviously work for you or against you.

For athletes, there are days, for whatever reason, where you just don’t feel like getting your work in or getting after it.  It’s those times you must remind yourself to “Act different than how you feel”.  One of the best ways to overcome this state (physical and mental) is to move.  Yes, move.  Sprints are great thing.  They change your physiology.  You can also do cones and ladders, jumping jacks, etc.  When you’re feeling lethargic, I know these are some of the last things you want to do but they will immediately change your state.

So by acting different than how you feel, running when you just want to sit down, you will actually change the way you feel.  How about that!

You also are building discipline as you continually overcome the negative thoughts and emotions that come up.  And they will come up.  The goal is to catch them when they do and change their course as quickly as possible.  It takes some practice, believe me.  It starts however with awareness and in the long run you have a huge advantage over others when you choose to…

Act different

than how you


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